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Dermatology/Rash on penis and testicles, std?


rash on penis
rash on penis  

rash on testicles and penis
rash on testicles and  
I woke up this morning with a very odd looking rash that covers my penis head, shaft, and practically all over my testicles. It also seemed to be a little bit on my inner thigh and also slightly on my neck. I'm worried that it could be an STD or something. I haven't been sexually active in about 2 or 3 weeks. However, over the past maybe 6 months I've noticed a slight discoloring in the tip of my penis; it has a few white non-raised spots on the head. There is no burning during urination, discomfort, discharge or anything alarming. What's really weird is that sometimes they are very noticeable and other times I can't tell at all. I'm not sure if that is linked to this rash I noticed today, but I did think that maybe the white spots on my penis head were related to a yeast infection or something since my girlfriend at the time did have some history of yeast infections.

Another thing that I'm really worried about is that about 4 or 5 months ago I noticed what I thought was an ingrown hair on the shaft of my penis. It  was really red and not that irritating but it lasted for a little bit longer than a month. I didn't think anything of it, but now I'm worried that maybe it was an early sign of syphilis. I don't know if that's what it is, but I read that secondary syphilis comes with rashes on your hands and feet and I definitely don't see that happening with me. The rash is itchy on my testicles but not so much on my penis or penis head. I just really want to know what this is it's been freaking me out all day and I'm not sure if it's and STD or if its something possibly fungal related. Please help.

It may be hard to see the rash in these pictures but you can see it if you look closely at the head and testicles

The rash on the glans penis appears to be a dermatitis which is dry irritated skin. You can use Cortisone 10 which should help. The other bumps on the genital skin appear to be genital warts. Is would see your local dermatologist to make sure of the diagnosis and to get treated.


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