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Dermatology/Skin Peeling around the Nose.


Dear Dr. Fisher:
I am a 59 year old African American Woman,and I've started noticing "Dark (almost) Black" areas around the outer side of my nose. This would be the area where you hold the tissue,when you are blowing your nose. Now! The areas itches,and the skin is peeling. I do not have allergies,and I almost never catch a cold. I've tried using cocoa butter,thinking this might get rid of the dark color and the itching and peeling would stop. What advise to you have for me?. (Thank You!)

I would try using hydrocortisone over the counter to stop the itching. You most likely have a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis and the hydrocortisone can help this condition. The dark areas are called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This means that the irritation of the skin caused increased pigmentation.


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