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In 2013
I've noticed my toe 1-(2)-3-4-5 on left feet has a dark area, it covers 3/4 of the nail and on the left side of that nail.
Border is very well defined and there has been zero change in all that time. Additionally there is no pain and nail grows normally.

*Added photo.

I've noticed 1-2-3-4-(5) on left feet there is a 1mm wide translucent dark stripe no pain, nails grows normally, it's not wider around nail cuticle and no sign of Hutchinson.

I've noticed 5-4-(3)-(2)-1 on right feet has the exact same stripes.

19 years old male white & brown mix.

Wondering if these can be malignant because I'm abrod and can't go to a doctor before three months.

Causes of a Subungual Hematoma (bleeding under the nail)
Most often, a subungual hematoma is an immediate consequence of a crush-type injury involving the tip of the finger or toe. Common examples include:

Slamming your finger in a car door or house door.
Hitting your finger with a heavy object such as a hammer.
Dropping a heavy object such as a dumbbell on your toe.
Stubbing your toe on a hard surface.

Cancer under the nail would be darker.


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