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Dermatology/Seborrotic dematitis


Hello Dr. Fisher

I have had SD for about 10 years now and nothing I have tried has been working

I have tried almost everything topical, both prescription and over the counter.

Is there anything out there that can be taken internally to stop my face from flaking and looking red and irritated?

I have now reached a point of I do not know what to do?

Please help me

Thank you


Adults with seborrheic dermatitis on their scalp can use an over-the-counter dandruff shampoo that contains one of these key ingredients:

Coal tar
Salicylic acid
Selenium sulfide
Zinc pyrithione

If these products do not work then I would suggest oral medication.  Since the cause is a yeast like organism you could try Oral Ketocanazone or oral Diflucan.


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