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I live in south Florida.  It starts getting hot this time of year.  I'm outside a lot and so I sweat a lot.  Now and for the past about 5 years, this time of year, a sore on my calf keeps coming back.  It itches, I itch it, and the skin breaks.  It doesn't really seem to have the look of cancer from what I've read.  I showed it to my doctor last year, and he just said it's nothing to worry about.  Is there anything I can do about it/ is there something I should put on it?  It's broken now.  


Without seeing the skin lesion it is impossible to make a diagnosis or even help. The lesion could be the beginning of a small cancer. The lesion may need oral antibiotic.. The best topical to help a wound to heal is prescription topical Onexton which is used for acne but does great with wounds.i recommend you see you local dermatologist.


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