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Dermatology/Brown swollen hard labia minora with rough white bumps what is this???


Twisted labia??
Twisted labia??  
To give you a bit more information 4 monthes ago a week after protected sex my labia minora turn black with black dots spreading out *black dots are now white* and i had a INTENSE burning sensation externally where everything was discolored at.

I went to urgent care because i couldnt take it anymore after i tried rubbing plain yogurt on my vulva only to make it swell up the way it is now :(

I was diagnosed with a yeast infection, bladder infection and cervicitis

I was tested for all stds hiv,hep,gon,trich,chlymedia,bv im not sure about syphilis or herpes but my doctor was very *ahem thorough he told me i did not have any sores or bumps inside so i should stop worrying

Since then ive been to my gyno 5 times for the pain and discomfort ive experienced in my labia minora the last time my obgyn basically says i dont have any infections or stds and i should see a dermatologist because she cant do anything else for me also that i had a hormonal imbalance and was prescribed birth control

I was heartbroken im in so much pain and it seems for every time i have a bearable day i have at least 4 painful days soon after
I dont use soap to wash the area and everything i apply seems to only make it worse i cant even wear undies anymore because my clitoris is so big

The swelling and white bumps have never left as well as the brown looking skin
its honestly making me depressed
Do you have any idea what this could be?? or how i could get some relief in my labia minora??
Also it very hard to clean down there now due to the stiffness

Women with vulvodynia have chronic vulvar pain with no known cause. Until recently, doctors didnít recognize this as a real pain syndrome. Even today, many women do not receive a diagnosis. They may also remain isolated by a condition that is not easy to discuss. Researchers are working hard to uncover the causes of vulvodynia and to find better ways to treat it.

Types of Vulvodynia
Vulvodynia affects the vulva, the external female genital organs. This includes the labia, clitoris, and vaginal opening.

There are two main subtypes of vulvodynia:

Generalized vulvodynia is pain in different areas of the vulva at different times. Vulvar pain may be constant or occur every once in a while. Touch or pressure may or may not prompt it. But this may make the pain worse.
Vulvar vestibulitis syndrome is pain in the vestibule. This is the entrance to the vagina. Often a burning sensation, this type of vulvar pain comes on only after touch or pressure, such as during intercourse.
Possible Causes of Vulvodynia
Doctors donít know the cause of most forms ofvulvodynia. And there is no evidence that infections, such as sexually transmitted diseases, cause vulvodynia.

Researchers are trying to find the causes of vulvodynia. They may include:

Nerve injury or irritation
Abnormal response in vulvar cells to an infection or trauma
Genetic factors that make the vulva respond poorly to chronic inflammation
Hypersensitivity to yeast infections
Muscle spasms
Allergies or irritation to chemicals or other substances
Hormonal changes
History of sexual abuse
Frequent antibiotic use
Women with Vulvodynia: Who Has It?
A woman of any age, beginning in her teen years, may have vulvodynia. Estimates of women with vulvodynia range from 200,000 to six million. Once thought to mainly affect white females, African-American and Hispanic women are now known to be equally affected.


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