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How often do hair transplants take? I was looking at photos of celebrities before and after periods of time in which they seemed to gain hair. I have never heard of a celebrity with a obvious mess up or unusual growth of hair. Only crappy cosmetic plastic surgery. And locally met a doctor who does hair surgery who has had three procedures himself and the scarring and lack of fill was obvious so it seems it must be a very faulty process?

The old way of doing hair transplants was with plugs of hair. The results are terrible and it is very obvious that the person has hair transplants and there is also more scaring. The new way to do transplants is by individual hair transplants, I have a number of friends that have done these type of transplants and they look great and there is no scaring. With any kind of surgery the results depend on the Doctor doing the surgery. That is why you would need a doctor that has done hundreds of these individual hair transplants.


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