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I found a small wart on the side of my penis. Because I do not have health insurance, I bought some… and (stupidly) tried to freeze it off myself. This did not work, but it left a large dark circular scar. Then (very stupidly), I tried a salicylic acid wart treatment. This did not work either, but it left a small white scar. So now I have a large dark scar with a white dot in the center which is very visible, and the wart is still there.

This has put me in a pretty extreme state of depression as I contemplate a future of either celibacy or extremely awkward conversations. If you have any advice for how I can remove these scars (which are now of greater concern to me than the wart), I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you,
Mr. S

The dark circle is called post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. This color resolve on its own. Other treatment can be bleaching cream from your doctor. The white area is difficult to treat. Sometimes a mild cortisone cream can help restore pigment in the skin.


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