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Dermatology/White bunps on penis head


QUESTION: Hey, i am 19 years old and have never had sex.  These white bumps have been around for a couple years and i thought it was normal, but everytime i check they seem to multiply.  I have read another question similar to this one that diagnosed balanitis. My penis does have a smell to it so it might have something to do with yeast? Thanks for your time.

ANSWER: The white bumps could be pearly penile papules or just raised skin follicles. The bumps are normal and do not amount to anything serious.

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QUESTION: they are pretty unappealing to look at would there be anyway to reduce, eliminate them?

You have to try and exfoliate the bumps. You can try products with salicylic acid which are mostly prescription. You can try a mild Retin A to exfoliate. But these products can also cause skin irritation so you would also need to use moisturizers. You might want to see your dermatologist for a prescription medication.


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