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QUESTION: Dear doctor,
1st of all let me thank you for your answer in advance and tell you how much i appreciate the job you are doing here. Also, forgive me for my poor english but its not my native language.

I have a mole under my armpit for as long as i can remember. I have a feeling (not a certainity) that it may have growth during the past years. Couple of years it itched for a couple of days but thats it and it was after shower so it could be the soap. I dont shave my armpits and i do not use ane deodorants in that area.

The mole is brown-dark brown, has sharp borders, same color everywhere and its raised through the skin. Also its quite round and it does not itch, hurt or bleed.

I am 26 years old with no health problems and there is no history for melanoma in my family and i avoid the sun.

My question is, could it be anything i should worry about?

Thanks a lot in advance.

P.S. sorry for the bad analysis in the photo but thats what i can do with my phone.

ANSWER: If you were m patient, I would remove the mole because it is most likely constantly being irritated and it looks very dark.

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QUESTION: So, by saying "if you were my patient" i guess you mean that its not something that should make me worry but it depends from the doctor if he will remove it or not, am i right?

What are the removing methods?

ANSWER: You would numb the area first and then take a blade and shave the mole off. The mole was darker than I like so I would remove it and send it to pathology.

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QUESTION: The colour is the same as my other moles, maybe in the photo seems a bit darker than it is. Would it need stiches after the removal and can be done in a doctors office or i have to go to hospital? Thanks a lot for your quick responses and i am sorry for my many questions but i guess you can understand my concerns.

In the picture the mole looked very dark which would make it irregular. If the mole gets irritated then it should be removed. First the mole would be anesthetized then the top would be shaved off and sent to the lab. With this type of excision there is no need for sutures.


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