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I just popped these, and what followed after was a white with a brownish black head. These aren't blackheads. And I was sure it was just acne. I also work in a kitchen as a cook, so that, and the constant grease may have something to do with it. They don't burn or itch.

So could give me a suggestion of what this is for sure. They did bleed a little after I squezzed the gunk out.

I'm just paranoid because, someone made a comment about herpes. But I haven't had any sexual activity for quite some time. Buy I know its possible to catch herpes by sharing anything with someone a with the virus.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


You have acne on your face. The lesions are called closed comedone  if there is no whitehead. It is hard to tell but you may also have sebaceous hyperplasia which are just oils glands in the skin. You can see your dermatologist for prescription acne medication.


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