Hi, my daughter is 14 and struggles with acne. She has seen a dermatologist twice and this last visit he put her on 50mg minocycline 2x a day and can bump to 3x. Also tazorac gel. Before this she was using a daytime cream and nighttime which did nothing. Do you find the antibiotic she is on to be effective in many cases? She is about to start high school and was hoping to have it more controlled before school. I'm not sure how long it takes to work. Also, are birth control pills more effective than what she is on? If so do dermatologists prescribe that or would she need a gynecologist. FYI she does wash her face twice a day and does all the things the doctor told her to do. Thank you.

Treatment of acne can be oral antibiotics which do well but if they are not effective in 4-6 weeks something else needs to be done. If the acne breakouts are 1 week before to one week after the menstral cycle then the acne is hormonal and birth control pills are effective. The strongest medication for acne is Accutane for 20-24 weeks but blood done every month. 80% of patients who go on Accutane never have acne again. But Accutane can have side effects.


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