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first of all i have to say that i'm german and my english is may not the best. Sorry for mistakes! In Germany we don't have such a good side with experts.

So I'm 19 years old. And i have got this problem since years.

My glans penis is sometimes dry (not everytime) but it's everytime wrinkled and has some cracks (no open cracks so no blood or anything, just deep wrinkles.

From the internet i know that this problem is often on circumsized penis, but I am NOT circumsized.

In normal size (unerected) you can see a lot of wrinkles alle the time. But if erected the most wirnkles go away (because of more blood) but you can still see some cracks ( i think this are the deepest wrinkles).

This doesn't look very nice.

I don't like to upload real pictures. So i searched in the internet for some which look similiar to mine:

( on the left look likes mine. On the right how it should look like)

So is there any way, to get back the shiny glans without wrinkles. Can i heal this ?

And how ?

Thank you very much for an answer!

Greetings from Germany.


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