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Genital Warts
Genital Warts  
2 weeks ago I noticed a few barely visible small little bumps on the head of my penis, I think they are multiplying or maybe they were there and just got more prevalent. in the past 3 month I have received unprotected oral sex and everything else was protected.

Also the bumps seem to have appeared on the other side of my penis head but maybe 3 or 4 bumps.

There is no pain, no redness, no itch.

If it is Genital warts from HPV. Can I continue to have sex in any shape or form ? also If I wear a condom and have sex is there a risk of transition. If there is does it guarantee the transmission of warts ? I have been applying caster oil for 2 days, would that help ?

Lastly, do I need to visit a Dr or should I wait to see if the infection goes away by itself.

Thank you kindly for the help Dr.

The lesions do not look like HPV. The lesions look like irritated skin and in this location it is called balanitis.  HPV look more like warts and the lesions did not look like warts. I would try cortisone 10 and see if that is effective and if not see your dermatologist.


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