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Small bumps
Small bumps  

Small bumps 2
Small bumps 2  
I have multiple small bumps around my penis shaft, about 1-2mm diameter, pinkish or whitish colour, hard and painless.

Started realizing them about 1-2 months ago, since then some bumps have already resolved.

I am sexually active and did unprotected sex back in March/April, but had a full range STD test done in July and everything clear.

Are these bumps normal, or something I should be worried about? Thanks.

The bumps are either Molluscum contagiosum which is a virus or a bacterial infection.  Molluscum is treated with liquid nitrogen or the topical medication called MolluscumRx. Bacteria are treated with oral antibiotics. If the lesions have a small dent on the top then you have Molluscum.


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