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Dermatology/Itchy Red Bump disease??


vonnie wrote at 2006-09-27 14:37:10
I also got all the same symptoms along with my father and we both live in seperate homes. We compared our detergents/soaps. We found we both use the product brand SUN (liquid form) where you pour into the rinse spin cycle. It cost a $1.00 down the dollar section of store. This was the only product we had the same through all products in home. We believe this is the reason.  

Vonnie wrote at 2006-09-28 06:25:10
Hello, I emailed before explaining exposure to detergent product caused me the flaring rash. I was prescribed Mupirocin ointment to place on rash, a tablet to take before bed time once daily to stop itchy feeling Hydroxyz: substitute for Atarax, and was advised to take a cortizone which worked better for me corticool hydrocortisone. It seems to be working...

once bitten wrote at 2009-02-26 17:40:28
I had the same problem for months.  I went to a dermatologist who did a biopsy and the results were undetermined insect bites.  I had our home checked for bed bugs ect. twice.  Long story short I went to another doctor, she gave me some info on a uncommon mite cheiyltiella mite (not sure of spelling) or "walking dandruff".  I have 2 dogs who do not have fleas.  I had them tested that same night. They were both infected!  They are not visible to the naked eye.  Since they've been treated i've not been biten again. I went thru this for months. Thank God for the dermatologist who had the info on these mites.

Suzanne wrote at 2013-05-31 03:58:30
I suffered with the same symptoms for about 12 or so years. Went to various doctors, dermatologists, allergists. All to no avail. Was off and back on Prednisone MANY times (with a total weight gain of about 60 lb.). I would think it was food, but tested negative for any allergys. Finally, my family doctor sent me to the Kansas University Medical Center. The head of the dermatology department was relentless in his search for the cause, and, treatment that would help me. Biopsies were sent to Mayo Clinic, and the diagnosis was "Itchy Red Bump Disease ".  He finally decided to tests me for allergies, but not the normal allergies, rather, for chemical allergies. It was through this testing that we finally found the answer, and relief for my suffering. I was allergic to several chemicals. I won't name all of them but the main ones were formaldehyde, preservatives, additives used in many toiletries, make-up, etc. I had to make lots of changes, but, it has been SO worth it! I am much, much better. Still have some breakouts, but no more itchy, oozing sores, like I once had all over my body! It feels like a new life. I hope that this post will help others with the same problem.  


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