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Dermatology/blisters on fingers


isa wrote at 2009-01-14 10:28:23
I have the exact same problem, however, mine are occasionally heat sensitive and they become a bit itchy with heat.

I have tried hydracortizone creams, creams for chill blanes, but they seem to have no effect, generally meaning i just have to wait the blisters out.

they never come on my palms or feet just my fingers.

I should probably go to a dermatologist but it doesnt' seem to affect me otherwise

it's good to know someone else gets them too!

T wrote at 2009-04-04 02:20:54
I have this same symptom as well, but within the last couple of months it's now begun to get worse (more blisters, on pads of fingers now as well as the sides) with the skin drying out and cracking badly as the blister pops.  The cracked skin is pretty sore.

lola wrote at 2015-07-21 00:36:15
an old remedy to this problem is to rub raw cut onion onto affected area.  It usually solves problem


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