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Dermatology/bromine allergy testing


Roberto wrote at 2009-03-11 04:46:01
Hello,after reading your symptoms I belive I have exactly the same allergy maybe to bromine because is a always after the hot tub episode maybe we can help each other find the allergy and cure ,meanwhile I WILL BE CHANGING TO CHLORINE TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS

Ruth Hottinger wrote at 2009-04-16 12:39:42
I have the same symtoms. I am not in a hot tub but in a pool for rehab. If I stay out for about four days, the itching calms down and when I go back the itching is even worse. I found some relief with using hydrocortisone 1% cream and after I have applied that I use Aveeno Intense Relief Overnight Cream. All over the counter. It seems expensive to buy so much cream but I can go 12 hours without the itch. I haven't seen a doctor for this yet but am going Mon. the 20th of April 2009

jrp wrote at 2009-04-22 22:12:19
I also have the same symptoms and my wife spends the same amount of time in the hot tub with no reaction.  I had a hot tub for years before this new one with no prior outbreak. Help!

Ben Lopedote wrote at 2009-09-26 20:43:05
I just happen to be browsing the internet in search of symptoms of "bromine" allergic reactions and.....Bingo, you have the same symptoms that I have and I am not on Zocor.  When I read your symptoms, it was like I was reading about myself.  I use bromine in my spa and I like to stay in it for a long time but lately because of the welts and itching, I've limited myself to only 20 minutes, but still the rash and welts appear.  I had my dermatologist biopsy one of the raised spots on my thigh and it came back negative for any bacteria or viral.  She said she would suspect something in my spa, ie:  bromine.  I just ordered a new natural product and it should be here on Monday, 28 Sept 09. Its called "The Natural Solution".  I will post my findings when I try this new product out.

Jane wrote at 2010-02-01 15:53:31
I believe I am allergic to bromine. I get a very distinctive welt on both hips. Since I have lost my sense of smell, I cannot tell which chemical is used and must rely on pool staff to let me know. More than once I've been told they use chlorine when they actually use bromine. I need a test kit.

Keith wrote at 2010-03-02 18:36:41
I'd like to add to this because I think the more people the better.  I believe that I have a bromine allergy as well; the symptoms most people describe here are exactly what I'm dealing with. I used the hot tub for five months with no problems whatsoever.  Then all of a sudden, I started getting very itchy bumps, first only a few spots, then more widespread, on my arms, legs, and torso.  I have tested the hot tub for bacteria and it is negative; besides, my wife uses regularly with no problems.  I think this problem is more common than many might think.  There are some products on the market to treat hot tubs without the use of either bromine or chlorine, and I'm hoping those work because they are my last resort.  Otherwise, I won't be able to use the hot tub at all.

Anne wrote at 2010-11-07 12:40:30
I believe I have the same allergy as well.  I bought my spa in April and had no problems, then I changed from Spa Zap to free Bromine and suddenly I had an allergic reaction all over my arms and legs, I used a triple action cream (anti bacterial/fungal/antibiotic) which worked quickly.  I switched back to the spa zap and I stayed out of the hot tub for awhile and it helped.  But it came back again last week, I used the cream and gold bond to stop the itch until it healed. I was away for a week and no problems, then last night went in the spa and it came back again, some spots are like little flea bites that itch and others are more like rough exema spots that also itch.  I don't know what to do now as we just did our last water change before winter, so I'm stuck with Bromine until we can empty and try something else...I have only had the problem

AFTER getting into the hot tub, and my husband and kids also get in all the time and neither of them have had any reaction.

Linda wrote at 2011-03-15 01:28:19
I have been doing rehab in a heated pool as one of the former people.  I have the welts today after going back in the pool today after being out of the pool for 10 days.  I still had a few circles of dry skin, but my doctor had said it was just dry skin.  I only had welts on my leg at that time.  I now have them on arem, torso and legs.  I have an allergy to iodine/shrimp.  One article I came across on bromine said that it is found in the sea crust and sea water which is leading me to the origin of my allergy possibly to bromine.  Does anybody else that has this problem have an allergy to iodine or shrimp or shell fish?

tgj2118 wrote at 2014-01-09 01:11:44
FYI - I suffered like symptoms exactly like you described: the welts, redness, serious itching/hives in various regions of skin.  My legs were exactly as you described...

Since I spend a great deal of time in the pool, I never suspected an allergy to pool chemicals.  However, it turns out that BROMINE was to blame.  The majority of my swimming is in a chlorine pool.  I had taken on a new teaching assignment at a pool that happened to use bromine.  I never would have guessed this was the cause, but a dermatologist confirmed it was.  He described it as a sensitivity to bromine, vs an actual allergy.

The treatment was prescription cortisone based cream, prescription antihistamines, and avoidance of the bromine source(s).  

It was not a long or difficult process for him to determine/confirm this was the problem...especially since I was aware of the possibilities as you are (as you mentioned the hot tub).  

Good luck to you.  This is a VERY UNCOMFORTABLE skin reaction - I know the itching was intolerable for me, and the red patches flare up when I come into contact with bromine sources.

Again, good luck.  This is a legitimate, though not common, reaction.  

Doug P wrote at 2016-03-07 20:43:16
Just a follow up. I just became a recent owner of my first Jacuzzi. I had trouble balancing the PH and bromine since it was filled using well water. Within a week after getting in it I found pimple looking read spots all over the back of my thighs and forearms and a few around the belly button and below. No where else though. Once I got the chemicals balanced they went away, but this weekend I added a couple of fresh bromine tablets to the feeder and got in about an hour later. A few of the spots have re-appeared. They don't really itch at all but they do take weeks to heal. I am going to keep the bromine balance at the lower end of the test kit. We'll see how it goes.  


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