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katarina wrote at 2008-04-21 16:19:48

i have the same problem

but mine just started maybe a week ago

and everyday i have an itch on one of the two arms

mine started with my left

but jumped to my right

weird huh?

yeah, so i tried that benadryl rub on non-itching cream

and it seemed to work the first time i put it on but now it dosnt work

idk what i have

but i do want to find out

unna wrote at 2008-11-11 19:56:23
I am having the same issue on both of my arms right where they bend (between the Bicipe and forearm). I have just bought a bottle of Eucrin lotion early last week. On Nov. 7, 2008 I started to itch and noticed the redness with tiny bumps. My first thought was the subject I arrested might have had something and it got on my skin. During the weekend I noticed that it would come and go. Mainly when my arms are folded and it gets moist is when they flair up. So I'm going to stop using the lotion today and see what happens. If it continues I will go see a dermatologist.

Unexplain itchy wrote at 2009-04-25 08:07:22
I am 51 yrs old, and I have the same problem: itchy small bumps in the same area on both arms outside, about 6 inches from elbows to towards my writs.

I am thinking its the CAT SCAN I had 1 yr. ago. I was injected with iodine, within 3 days they appeared on my arm. I the doctor mis-diagnosed saying it was fungus at the time, it was just about 1/4 of inch, now it has spread 6 inches in 18 months. The characteristics are just the same as the other writer.

It seem to react to anything that touches it, and get very itchy, inflamed bumps so I wear long sleeves to avoid scratch/touch, it is not round, dry or scaly. It gets bumpy when itchy or touched, mostly stay way, until I accidentally touch the area, the aggravating itch starts, the bumps gets a little raised, inflamed bumps.

I have done researched but its not eczema or psoriases.

What is this thing? I see no pictures or no medical description the doctor

juli wrote at 2009-05-12 22:14:45
i have the exact same thing usually during summer time it starts to get bad i leave it alone and it wont bother me but when i start scratching it become worse and worse i had it both on my left and right outer forearm it is really bad now and i ben scratching it like crazy now i have bunch of little cluster of little bumps i am thinking about going to the doter the itching is unbearable and now i am  scratch so hard i making little black scabs

Ambi wrote at 2009-06-01 18:09:18
OMG I have the exact same problem, I mean exact location at symptoms and everything. I was told that it was due to pregnancy but then the answer was later changed to dehydration and exzema. I was given a cortisone It didn't work, so I tried something myself, I noticed the sun irritates it moreso, so wear long sleeved shirts in the sun, but before wearing the shirt, apply a pure vitamin E serum to the area. At night apply the cortisone which clears up the existing rash, I also switched my fabric softener to sensitive skin as well as the detergent. It truly helps. I beleive it's just localized exzema but there are no diagnoses that have given me correct info. These steps won't get rid of it, but can help you deal with the symptoms.

em wrote at 2009-08-20 18:52:06
I had a common experience this summer.  I broke out in a very itchy rash (looked like little pimples) on both of my arms.  Hydrocortizone cream helped for only an instance.  No one could tell me what it is.  After being treated for acne, which i couldn't understand cause it was on my arms, the only answer I got from the doctor was all rashes look alike.  So she treated me for symptoms... she gave me betamethasone cream and it cleared up the itching and the rash with in a week.  I went to the doctors shortly after that (a different one) and he said it was photodermatitis.  An allergy to the sun that usually occurs during the first long exposure at beginning of season.  For more serious cases it can occur more often.  Just for ur info.

jpennington wrote at 2009-09-17 14:58:05
It might help to perform a visual comparison to the rash too - you can check out  This might help you narrow down a possible rash and get some ideas about causes and treatments.

Pernod wrote at 2012-08-29 22:51:17
I have had this problem for about 15 years. Some years are worse than others but this summer has been particularly bad. The classic symptoms: starts with a pin-prick itch and if I scratch it just gets worse and tiny bumps will raise up in the itchy area. The itch will wake me up a night and in the daytime can get so bad that I can't concentrate on anything I'm doing at work or home, including watching TV or reading a book. My dermatologist told me it is probably something environmental, perhaps a fabric or laundry detergent but I find it can get bad even with short sleeves. The sun tends to make it happen as well. I find that regular application of skin cream will help and sometimes keep it in the fridge just for a cooling effect.

KAREN LEE wrote at 2013-02-26 17:58:59
I am also going through the same thing..I have had it for 3 years and like the above statement it is so painful you can't help scratch..The only solution is getting it as cold as you can ,i wrap a wine cooler bag around my arms.

I have been to see my doctor several times,had blood tests and allergy tests,i have today been to see a dermatology consultant and the out come was ''don't scratch it''...I hope they get the itch one day and see if they can bare to sit there and not scratch..

I was told to use a moisturizer and i have been given some Atarax I'm tablets and some Decloban cream(I live in Spain so maybe have to look these products up)..Hopefully will help  

rp wrote at 2013-03-10 17:43:51
Bracial radial pruritis. Neurological. Cold is all that helps. I rub ice on it. Otherwise I scratch and it scabs and bleeds and scars.


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