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markyavahid wrote at 2008-07-14 07:03:27
I've had the same scabs with oozing clear yellowish liquid since my early 20s.  I visited many dermatologists and consulted many family doctors; no one ever seemed to really know what they were and how I got them.  When I first started getting them they were really bad and embarrassing; however their sizes and frequency of occurrence subsided as years went on.  Now at age 47, I get them very infrequently but once in a long while they still show up.  My own conclusion, without any facts to back it up, is that they are herpes simplex sores.

James Dring wrote at 2008-11-23 22:27:15
Hi Mark,

Sounds like the same thing! I did think that but doctors always said it wasn't that, The last dermatologist I saw, seemed to think It was some sort of eczema. Mine recently went way for a year but have just recently come back. Have you found anything that helps speed up the healing process?



Mary wrote at 2010-01-26 22:17:19
So I think I am currently having the same problem.  I kept going to the doctor when I had these and the cultures never showed staph so even though it was originally thought to be impetigo it was never verified.  I also have extremely dry skin on my face (eczema) so they thought that was the cause as well but now I moisturize my face a lot and I still get it.  I wonder if our symptoms are the same.  Mine start out as a small bump (sometimes light a white head) then they ooze.  A honey colored crust develops and then after 3-5 days it goes away.  I have also found that occasionally when I get one then I get a couple on my face (if the original was bigger).  I too was told that it wasn't herpes based on looking at the sore and that they don't develop at the same spot over and over again.  I wasn't sure it you had gotten any more information on what you may have had.  I am also pretty young (27) and acne wasn't too terrible when I was younger.  Now I don't get any zits at all... just these things.

Sammyrose wrote at 2010-11-17 21:33:46
I currently just got one.  I'm not a doctor, but my family does a lot of all natural stuff.  I just got one yesterday.  I'm only 18 years only and do get achne... this is not achne.  My dad had one on his hand at one point in time when he was 46.  Since then he will get them in the same spots periodically.  Sometimes he gets one on the other hand but in the same location.  I believe that it is some type of bacteria infection that spreads because after he had it for about a year, I eventually got one.  Right now the scab thing is on my chin and it has yet to stop oozing; the scab just keeps growing and looks really nasty.  I have found that Hydrogen Peroxide will get rid of the scab but not the oozing.  It however looks a lot better for a while and feels better too.  I'll post back if we find something that works.  

Nick wrote at 2011-09-09 02:03:13
No one listens.  You probably don't have impetigo which is an easy diagnosis after a culture. I have a very similar condition for over 15 years and have seen some of the best NYC doctors and no one knows what it is.

nick wrote at 2011-12-12 16:08:22
This is not impetigo.  i have a similar condition for 13 years and have been tested numerous times for herpes, skin infections and have gotten no diagnosis.

my cell 914 980 0950  

Matt wrote at 2012-02-15 03:53:44
I have also been experiencing the exact same thing. I am currently 21 and had pretty bad acne during high school but i treated it with accutane which got rid of the acne completely. About 2 years ago i got my first blemish which eventually turned into a whitehead and then the oozing and yellow crusting began. No matter what i do to prevent it (i.e popping the pimple, etc) the oozing will occur and if i try to pick the scab, it will grow bigger and bigger. In the past 6 months the blemishes have been occurring more often from monthly yellow scabs to now a few a week. I've gone to numerous doctors and dermatologists and have not been given a straight answer. They tell me its either normal acne or impetigo which i know is neither. From personal experience i've noticed that dabbing the blemish, preferably before the oozing process, with a steroid cream will get rid of them within a day or two rather than the usual 5 day healing time. Has anyone figured out what this problem is because its driving me insane with stress and really starting to affect my life

chris wrote at 2012-04-09 14:06:14
i have had this same condition for most my life and it sounds like you have a forum of exama which responds well to cortisone type creams. also wash your face with anti bacterial soaps or alcohol will sting but helps dry area.

James wrote at 2012-05-13 12:58:05


Im still having a problem with these 6 years on from my original post, however I've found that using dermol cream as a moisturiser morning and night seems to help. Also I don't know If any of you are smokers, but stopping smoking greatly reduced the outbreaks.



Nicholas wrote at 2012-06-15 21:37:05
I got my first one of these this year, and been suffering for months, has anyone found anything on how to get rid of these nasty things?


dookie is god wrote at 2015-10-24 01:48:40
Hi James, I have the same thing as you and there are others of us out there. Dermatologists do not know how to diagnose or treat us. Search on the web for oozing yellow crusts. That is the name of the website where we are all sharing our stories and trying to help each other find some sort of solution to our wrecked lives. Good luck to you. And by all means, if somehow you beat this, please tell the rest of us!!!

James wrote at 2016-03-13 16:07:51

Thanks! I had a look thats amazing.. Im definitely going to try the Soolantra that some people says has been effective.. Seems to be becoming more and more prevalent!


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