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I would be SO happy if you could tell me how to import AVCHD-video-clips into Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and maintain a decent quality? I just bought CS6 - however the AVCHD-clips appear "blurred"/"out of focus" when imported to CS6 editor.. It seems to be a common problem judging from treads on the net. I have bought AVS Videoconverter - it can convert the files into MPEG - it makes them look a LITTLE better - but still slightly out of focus... I hope you can help me! :-)
Kind regards, Carsten

ANSWER: Carsten,

So, here's the problem. This hasn't been my experience. I wrote a book on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, and I do some work with adobe - so I'd like to see this myself.

I just double check checked (I have about 50 different types of footage lying around on a HD, including some AVCHD clips.)  It looks fine here (but that doesn't mean it's fine on your end!)

I need some more information from you....

So, do you own the suite? The Creative cloud version, or just Premiere Pro? Are you on 6.0.2?

I use the Media Browser (I could also use import). I prefer the media browser because it properly recognizes all sorts of card media. You should keep/copy the entire folder structure from the card. Adobe Premiere Pro will just 'recognize' the media.

You shouldn't need any converters at all.

Last, put a clip on a 'naked' (no clips) timeline and let premiere ask you to match the format of the clip (you have to press the button - the default says leave the timeline settings alone.)  What color do you get on the timeline? Yellow? Red?

Questions that would help:
•Did you copy the Folder structure or just the .mts files?
•Are you matching the timeline settings to the clip?
•Which version of Adobe Premiere Pro do you have?
•Have you run the update to 6.0.2?
•How did you import? Did you try the Media Browser?
•Last, if I wanted, would you be able to post a small file somewhere online?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Jeff, Thanks A LOT for spending time trying to help me. You ask a lot of questions that I´m not sure I can answer! :-) Her is my best shot:

1: I started with copying the folder (400 short AVCHD-clips)When they didn´t show properly in the editor/on the timeline in CS6 I then converted them one by one (well just a few!) using AVS-Videoconverter (uncompressed!) The result is a BIT better but still slightly out of focus!  
2: I have tried to match/not to match the timeline settings to the clip = poor quality in both cases.
3: I have JUST bought CS6 (so it must be the latest version?)
4: I have NOT run the update 6.0.2 - and according to the below copied correspondance it would not help? :(Read this, please):

Thanks Todd.  So just to be clear (and prevent me needlessly rushing to update):

• No fix for the AVCHD spanned clips problem?


Todd_Kopriva,   Sep 6, 2012 2:47 AM

There are no fixes in this update that are specific to spanned AVCHD clips.

(Carsten´s comment: Unfortunately it seems I´m not the only one experiencing a problem?) :-)

4. I did not try the mediabrowser - because I don´t know how to use it! (There seems to be nothing in it...) BUT when I click on the "All supported files" button I do NOT see AVCHD as an option...
5. I could mail it to you (I can mail up to 25 MB and some of my short clips are only about 8 MB - but I would need your mailadress wouldn´t I?
I do not use any "cloud" at the moment- but that could also be possible if you prefer that...
(The timeLINE (meaning the thin LINE that cuts through all video and audiotracks is RED - the timeline itself is grey)
I hope this information was helpful - that´s the best I can do! :-)
I´m looking very much forward to hearing from you again.
Best, Carsten

Ok, next steps.

1) I only want to talk/deal with the original clips. Any conversions you've done compromise the clips. So, I do not want to talk/deal with the conversions.
2) When I asked which version of Premiere Pro - I mean do you own ONLY Premiere, do you own the Creative Suite (which includes Prelude, After Effects, photoshop and others) or do you own the Adobe Creative Cloud?
3) You can send a large file via: - My email is Jeff Greenberg at mac dot com. You can send clips directly or via sendthisfile
4) Yes, I want you on the latest version. 6.0.2. Aside from bug fixes, it may actually fix your problem.
5)  Todd's copy/pasted answer has to do ONLY with AVCHD spanned clips (clips that are so long that they continue on a 2nd card.) So, no, it didn't help at all.
6) I expect the area above the timeline to turn yellow or red when you add a clip. I just want to make sure it's doing exactly that.

Answer/Respond to these and we'll go from there!

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