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Hi Jon and I hope all is well with you. I have a question for you. I shot some video recently. I was covering a news story and I plugged into an audio-box with all of the other media cameras. The video has a noticeable HUM. I would like to excise that out. Are there any filters in FCP that could help or is there something else I need to use? Thanks as always!

Hi Chin

Hum can be a bit of a problem, depending on the frequencies that it contains. Sometimes it's quite low in the bass spectrum, so you can use a graphic equalizer (in the Audio Effects bin) to pull out those frequencies, without affecting the rest of the sound too much.

Take a look at this tutorial to see if it's something you can try out: - If I remember correctly, you are using FCP?

Personally, I like to take these types of problems to the experts. A good final mix studio will have equipment and software far above the capabilities of the edit suite. My engineer has an add-on to his Soundscapes system, which shows sounds in a visual way, and then he can precisely "erase" only the sounds you don't want. He was able to remove a cellphone ring in the middle of dialogue, using this!

So perhaps you should phone a few sound studios and find out what they charge and take a sample of the sound to them to see how well they can remove it. Then book time at the end of the project to take them an OMF so they can do a pro final mix - it will be an enhancement to your final product, and some guys may be willing to negotiate over the price beforehand, so you know what you're in for. It will be worth the time you save, fiddling with the rather imprecise tools that your edit suite has.



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