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I recently converted the video from one format to another and now the audio is on a delay. Do you know of any good freeware that will help me resync the video? And by freeware I mean it doesn't cost anything or require that I register for anything.

Go get NCH's VideoPad Video Editor software its free and you can move the sound track back and forth (do it on zoomed view (the + button without hitting the shift key) in the time line to get it spot on) until it matches. I have used this software for years and its very intuitive and very easy to use.

Download the FREE version here: Click on download now not Purchase. Then you get the free version, which is really good. The purchased version only allows you to use multiple sound tracks while the free limits you to 1 sound track and no extra plugins. Which is fine for most people.

Good Luck! Let me know if you found it helpful and it worked for you. If not I know of others.  

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