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I am not sure if this question is up your ally as it is more of an amateur recording question, but how many times should someone be able to burn to Rewritable DVD (DVD+RW)? I think I have only successfully rewritten to one 5 times or so before it said I could no longer burn to it anymore. I wasn't sure if I had scratched the disc or something or if it really can only be used 5 times? What is the norm for that?

Hi James,

You should be able to write to this type of media much more that 5 times. Really it should handle 1000's of rewrites. Reasons for lowering the amount of rewrites are burning at a lower speed and not completely writing to the disc each time.  But it should not lower it to a single number of rewrites.  Your disc may be damaged or is dirty enough where the laser can not read it properly.

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