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Hi Jeff,

I hope you'll be able to help this first time ipod user get to grips with several issues I have!

1) When the ipod classic is in its dock (Bose SoundDock II), is there any way to keep the display on whilst it is playing so I can see what's being played?

2) I've loaded mainly music onto my ipod, but there are quite a few radio sitcoms on there as well. Trouble is they appear in the 'albums' rather than on their own, which means that they are selected when I listen on shuffle mode. Is there a way to load onto ipod as a separate entity?

3) I've noticed that on shuffle mode, several tracks from the same album will play in fairly quick succession. I have over 1,200 tracks loaded so not sure why it should favour one particular album.

And finally (!)......

4) How do I remove tracks from the ipod?

Thank you very much in advance


Hi Dave,

I'll give it a shot. I think you're talking about a iPod Classic (dial wheel) and not an iPod Touch.

1) I think there is a setting called display which you want to set to never. Particularly the backlight.

2) You need to take your iPod back to iTunes and add a genre for the radio sitcoms. Then build a smart playlist that excludes that genre - tell that to shuffle and boom, no radio shows.

3) Can't do much about that. There's quite the discussion over Apple's algorithm. Needless to say, it's not great.

4) You take it over to itunes and you delete them there; you may or may not want your entire library on your iPod.

Let me know if you have questions about any of that..  

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