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Hi there,

I am currently editing a feature in FCP 7 and my original audio files were recorded at 44KHz 24 bit. They also need pulldown as I shot in film and am now editing in 23.98.  I have converted them to 48KHz 16 bit but I'm wondering if I should keep them at 24 bit. The final sound edit will be exported to Pro Tools.

My main concern here is keeping the highest quality possible. I am hearing different things...that switching to 16 is fine because 48KHz 16 bit is a common format to edit with in FCP. Then I hear it will be easier to edit 24 bit files because of less floor noise. I really have no idea.

Also, my files are wavs that get transferred to aiff during conversion to 48 (in Compressor) then back to wav during pull down (Pro Tools). Just making sure this is okay or if there is a preferred file to work with.

Thanks very much for your time.


A purist audio person would tell you that the 16 vs 24 bit audio is important.  Everyone else won't.

Compressed vs. uncompressed audio? Sure.

24 bit audio doesn't work in FCP 7 (it's getting near time to change ) - which is why you have to convert to begin with.

Protools will work fine with AIFF or WAV. FCP won't. AIFF for FCP. Both are uncompressed audio.

"Floor noise" is minimal compared to how it was recorded and good noise removal tools.

What I'm telling you? The way you're working is fine.

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