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I have an Intel-iMac (running OS X 10.9.1/Mavericks).  I am trying to connect my Canon ZR300A mini-DV videocamera and transfer mini-DV tape videos into either iMovie (10.0.1) or iMovie HD (6.0.1).  The videocamera is connected from its mini-DV port to the Firewire 800 port of the iMac using a mini-DV to Firewire 800 cable.

Neither iMovie program senses the camera is connected.

How can I get them to recognize the camera is connected, so I can pull the video into either app and use it?




Here's an easy test.
Plug everything in. Turn everything on.

Open (from the utilities) System Information. There's a listing for firewire. If the camera doesn't show up it's because of one of three reasons:

1) Bad firewire port. (If you can test the camera + cable on another mac, it looks like you're off to have that mac looked at by apple.)
2) Bad firewire cable (can you plug this into another mac to test?)
3) Bad firewire port on the camera. (can you test this on another mac - and or/with a different cable.)

So, mostly it's going to be does it show up in System information...and can you check it on another mac.

Some curiosity questions:

1) Did this ever work Pre-Mavericks?
2) Do you have anything else that works via firewire?  

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