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dear sir good day

I m asking about the following

1- how can I merge several videos with each other ?

2- how can I change background of a video I had recorded ?

3- how can I put musical background upon video also my voice upon video ?

4- how can I cut a piece of a video from original video for instance ( if I have a video with 5 minutes and I want just 2 minutes from this video - cut a time frame from a video ) , hope you understand what I mean ?

5- does you tube has all the option mentioned above ?

6- how can I recorded a piece of video from you tube video the same as question number 4 but on you tube ?

7- last thing , how can I add musical or voice background to an audio record for instance ( I m perform my poems voiced and want to add background or had a music played and want to narrate on background ?

8- does the following players (real player - km player - divx - media player - jetaudio - winamp ) can do what I mentioned questions above ?

9- recommend me a freeware programs please ?

thanks and best regards

Hi Ao

This is a very broad and non-specific question -- I will try and answer as clearly as possible, with the numbers as per your question.

1) By "Merge" I presume you mean to join them so they play in sequence. This is basic Non-Linear Editing (NLE) -- joining video clips together so that they play as one. For more info on this look at:

So to do this you will need video editing software. There are a few options for this, which I'll outline later.

2) To change the background is difficult. If you shot the subject on a plain blue or green background, you could use something called "chroma key" in a proper editing system.

3) Adding sound is also the function of video editing software. So you would have:

|VIDEO TRACK --------------------------------->
|ORIGINAL AUDIO TRACK ------------------------>
|MUSIC TRACK --------------------------------->
|VOICE TRACK --------------------------------->

Most good NLE software would allow you to mix these audio tracks in a very basic manner, changing volume of each track as you need it.

4) This again would be achieved using NLE software.

5) YouTube as far as I know does not allow much more than simply adding an audio track. It is very limited.

6) I don't believe Youtube has this option.

7) This is similar to question 3.

8) These are video players, not NLEs, so no, they cannot do editing.

9) If you have a reasonably powerful computer running Windows or Linux, I recommend the free version of Lightworks ( If some of your clips don't play on Lightworks, try using MPEG Streamclip ( to convert them to a format (codec) that can - this will also change framerate if you need to, as Lightworks operates best with all clips having the same framerate (see

You can also try the free software from Windows called Movie Maker: -- this is a much more basic editor, but it may be able to do everything you want to do.

Alternatively look at the list at: Debugmode Wax looks interesting, but I haven't had time to try it out.

The best machine for editing is a Mac - even an older Mac will have iMovie, which can do all you need to do.

Hope this helps, and good luck.

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