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dear sir good day

I m asking about the following

1- how can I merge several videos with each other ?

2- how can I change background of a video I had recorded ?

3- how can I put musical background upon video also my voice upon video ?

4- how can I cut a piece of a video from original video for instance ( if I have a video with 5 minutes and I want just 2 minutes from this video - cut a time frame from a video ) , hope you understand what I mean ?

5- does you tube has all the option mentioned above ?

6- how can I recorded a piece of video from you tube video the same as question number 4 but on you tube ?

7- last thing , how can I add musical or voice background to an audio record for instance ( I m perform my poems voiced and want to add background or had a music played and want to narrate on background ?

8- does the following players (real player - km player - divx - media player - jetaudio - winamp ) can do what I mentioned questions above ?

9- recommend me a freeware programs please ?

thanks and best regards

1, 3, & 4: any video editing program will do these things. They are very basic functions.
2: you can't. The only way to do this is if the footage is shot on a green or blue screen and you know how to do a chroma key.
5: I don't think youtube will do these things. It may have basic trimming abilities but that's about it.
6: I'm not sure I know what you are asking but if you want to edit a video from youtube, you have to download it. Youtube doesn't allow downloading. It can be done however but it is not exactly legal.
7: try a free program called Audacity. It should do this for you.
8: I don't think so.
9: Windows Movie Maker is free and should do these things. Other than that, I don't know of any other good freeware.

Good luck.

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