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QUESTION: Hello rob

As a newbie to this software and just getting started..  I put together some clips from a mobile and a few from my camcorder, added a title or two and rendered them, so far so good. Now I want to view these on my TV, so Publish and Share to a DVD , using PAL. However the finished DVD is not picked up by the DVD player.... is there an easy answer to this one.

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ANSWER: Where in the world are you located? If in North America then you would need to share to DVD using NTSC. PAL is for Europe. All the hardware is made with either NTSC or PAL support for playback.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your quick reply.

I am in the UK and selected PAL...still no luck?

Well that should be fine then. I assume your DVD player was purchased in the UK as well. If so then that should be PAL supported. I currently don't have Elements 11 on this machine so can't see what the options are in the software. It could be a bug. Might want to jump on the Adobe forum for Elements 11 to see if others are having a DVD PAL playback issue.

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