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QUESTION: I purchased AVS Video converter and when I try to convert from VOB to mp4 or something the audio becomes horribly out of sync and the entire conversion process takes over an hour per file on top of that. What causes audio to be out of sync and is it an easy fix after the file is created?

ANSWER: James, I don't know anything about AVS Video Converter. I can think of many reasons that it'd be out of sync.

Since I don't use/know AVS - have you contacted them?  

Meanwhile, the free, open source standard is Handbrake.

Handbrake - @ is a free DVD to MP4 (or anything to MP4) convertor.

The speed of the conversion has to do with your CPU.  

Try that tool and see if it converts in sync.

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QUESTION: I tried handbrake with my old computer and shortly after I had a virus that required I reformat and reinstall Windows. As well as it worked I am not convinced it didn't cause my problems. Any other suggestions?

ANSWER: James.

Totally understand your trepidations.

100% that handbrake is virus free. It's open source software - think Firefox over Chrome (and certainly over Internet explorer.)

That's my best suggestion. Here is the link directly to the download page -

There's a significantly harder tool, called MPEG Streamclip (from - but again, I cannot stress how much Handbrake is the standard.

My thirds best is that you contact AVS and see why the audio is out of sync.

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QUESTION: I already contacted AVS a few times and since it is Monday I hopefully will hear from them. As for any free software do you know if there is any virus experts that can download and test installed files to make sure there is no unwantedware and no communication with outside computers? A professional tester?


Sure do.

What you want is sandboxie:

It sets up anything/everything in it's own sandbox - if something goes wrong, you can nuke it. It won't permit something like a virus to talk to your other software/drives etc.  

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