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Hello Jonathan

I hope I am in the right category and you can help.

Using as an example if I have a video file (720p404) and shown on a laptop screen, one is 19201080 and the other 1366768 with both having the same sizes 14" screen, which one will be clearer or basically no difference.

Please explain. If so what benefit I get if any,  by buying a 19201080 laptop before I commit.

Thank you. Your reply is very much appreciated.


Hi Chan

I'm not a laptop expert, but in terms of what you are asking, I don't think there will be any noticeable difference with that file.

With both screens, you will be "stretching" the image to fill the screen.

Other things to consider:
1) The quality of the graphics card in the computer -- the better the graphics card,the smoother the video will be. If the graphics card is inferior, you will see dropped frames which will display as strobing or stuttering. Also the power of the CPU and RAM will play a part.

2) If you are planning to do further video work with this laptop in the future, the 1080 screen will be preferable, as that is the lowest end of HD.

Why don't you put the clip on a stick and go to a computer store and ask them if you can compare?

All the best.

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