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Anita wrote at 2011-11-29 13:24:00
I used to make the original pudding filled bundt cake from a box (pudding provided)and was sad that they stopped making it. I was glad there wasn't a special formula for the pudding filling. Thank you very much. I don't know if the instructions said to make a trough or ditch (not too deep)in the center of the first layer of cake batter in the bundt pan but that's what I did.  I filled the trough or ditch with the pudding then mounded more pudding just on top of the filled pudding. Then carefully I put the rest of the cake batter on either side of the pudding and used the rest of the batter to cover cake batter and pudding. It seemed to work out just fine.  Again I'm glad to know it's just regular old pudding. Thanks Heinz and thanks to Cassandra for asking. Anita

Evanne A Horton wrote at 2013-10-04 21:04:30
You are making this much to difficult.  All you have to do is make up a small box of hello brand instant pudding in the flavor of choice

Let it set up in fridge while you make up cake batter of choice.  Pour cake batter into bundt pan and spoon in pudding around in ring. Pudding will

Sink into cake batter slightly and cake will rise around pudding during baking. Bake at 325 F  for 40 mins

My favorite is chocolate cake and butterscotch pudding. Be sure to cool completely and chill before turning out of pan.  


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