I would like to make an apple cobbler a day ahead of when I plan to serve it.  Is this possible to do and still have it come out good.  Should I prepare and not bake until the day of or should I prepare and bake and serve it cold?  Any ideas would be appreciated.

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ANSWER: Hi, Pat - I'm sorry.  I didn't receive this question and only today was notified that I had a pending question.

Personally, I think most cobblers are better a day or so later. They are delicious at any time. I love them cold with a nice gooey topping. If you like the topping to be more crispy, though, it's probably best to wait until the last minute to bake it.    

If you are going to serve it with ice cream, then it's yummy (in my humble opinion) still warm.

I hope this helps.  Again, my apologies for the delay in answering.


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Thanks for your answer.  If I make it a day or two ahead of time, how do I store it?  Should it be refrigerated or at room temp, and should it be covered?


With lots of sugar in it, I doubt it would be a problem if you left it in a cool room.  I actually leave things on the back porch in this weather.  Even if it warms up during the day, it's not something that is going to poison you, I don't think.

If you worry about such things, it's fine to store it in the fridge.  You can pop it in the oven or microwave if you want to serve it warm, or just get it out a few hours before you plan to eat it so it can get to room temperature.

I would definitely cover it - don't want anything to get into it if you leave it out of the fridge - and if it's in the fridge, you don't want it absorbing any other fridge odors.  There is a plastic wrap you can get that sticks to the bowl - if you don't have covers that fit it.  I wouldn't use aluminum foil as the acid in the fruit could cause it to get holes in it.

I hope you have a delicious cobbler!


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