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QUESTION: Hi...I was looking at some of your past questions asked and want to ressurect one that I've never seen answered.  About 40 years ago at a "strawberry festival" someone brought a cake that the height and consistancy of angel food cake and the unmistakable taste of cheesecake.  Nobody seems to know anything about it, but every story refers to the same time period - about 40 years ago.  Is that significant?

ANSWER: I may have the answer for you. This recipe comes from the strawberry area of Florida. It is a light cake and resembles cheesecake but has no cheese in it. It actually has a light lemon flavor and is very delicious. You did not say what flavor it had but this cake is often served with strawberries. Here is the recipe It is titled "No Cheese Cheesecake Lemon Recipe".

Let me know if this is what you are looking for.  This is the recipe I immediately thought of when I read your question.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello again.  Thank you for  the recipe.  I'm certain the result is delicious, but not what I'm looking for.  Your recipe says it "has the consistency of cheese cake" and has filling between many layers.  What I'm looking for is a cake that looks, feels, rises, and has the texture of angel food cake, but tastes just like the Betty Crocker recipe "Company Cheese Cake" - without toppings."  If you couldn't taste, but ate a piece anyway, from the texture, you would swear you were eating angel food cake. It may be some variation of your recipe, but I know it isn't it.  (But I am anxious to give your recipe a whirl!)

Sorry so long getting back with you. I have family living around the strawberry festival in Ohio and they are trying to help me locate this cake.

I have a few questions. Did this cake have a strawberry flavor in the cake or was it just served with strawberries? What color was the cake? Do you know if the cake was baked in a tube pan?

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