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Desserts/Wrong size baking pans?


Well I just noticed its 2, 10 inch round pans I only have 3,9 inch round pans. What Can I do I don't have a car to go buy pans. This is the recipe and I spent a lot of money on the ingredients.

When you are in doubt how much batter to put in your pans, first fill your pan 2/3 up the side with water and measure that water. When you make your cake batter measure the batter and that will tell you how many pans you need for that batter. Looking at your recipe I think you might be able to get by with only 2 of your 9 inch pans. The cakes will be a little thicker but will make an elegant looking layer cake.

After doing the measuring you may decide to use all three of your pans which will make thinner cakes. For myself, I would prefer the thicker layers since they will be sliced in half.

Best of Luck to you!


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