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Hi Deborah,
I have a red velvet cup cake recipe and I'm wondering if I can use that same recipe for red velvet bundt cake.  This recipe calls for cake flour.  Is it best to use cake flour or can I use regular flour?


Check out Red Velvet Bundt Cake on a web search.  I found quite a few comments on the results using flour or cake flour - using oil instead of butter - a number of things.  I've never made mine as a bundt cake but I'm going to give you MY recipe, if that is any help.  From what I saw, you can use your recipe, I'm sure.

The two links below talk about substituting all-purpose flour for cake flour and back --- or how to make something much like cake flour using corn starch.  I've done it both ways and have always found my cakes very good - can't tell the difference.

I hope all this helps.  I'm just one source and I hope you have time to read through some of the websites and then make your decision.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Red Velvet Cake - My favorite

1   cup   butter
2   cups   sugar
2   large   eggs
1   cup   buttermilk
2   ounces   red food coloring
2   tablespoons   cocoa
1   teaspoon   salt
2 1/2   cups   flour
3/4   teaspoon   baking soda
1   tablespoon   vinegar
1   tablespoon   vanilla

Instructions: Add vanilla and flour, alternating with buttermilk, to creamed mixture.  Make paste of cocoa and food coloring and add salt.  Add vindegar to soda and add to above.  Stir thoroughly.  Bake in two 8" pans at 350F for 35 minutes.  Let cool after baking and split layers, making a total of 4 layers.  


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