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Hello Ms.Deborah . My name is Tia . I need assistance . I have been asking around but cannot get a straight answer . I eat cake mix . Right out of the box with a spoon . Im finishing a whole box . Will I die ? Is it dangerous ? Its not expired.I have researched on the internet questions but all I see is "EXPIRED EXPIRED EXPIRED . Please help ?

Dear Tia,

While I am not a doctor and my answer should not be considered in any way to be based on a medical background, I will tell you what I believe when it comes to eating cake mixes, raw dough, etc.

I have always eaten raw dough with raw eggs and not.  I, personally, have never had any issues with my health (as in food poisoning, etc.).  That doesn't mean I never will, but nothing has caused me to hesitate about doing it.  I probably have eaten far more cookies uncooked than cooked, in my life and I also buy cake mixes, add the liquids and gobble them up.

You say you are eating only the dry mix.  While there are things you supposedly can get from eating uncooked flour, I've not found that an issue in my life - and I've lived and worked in developing nations in Africa and Asia, with far fewer guidelines for the flour storage and sale, with no problems.  

You are in America where there are inspection processes and constant review of what is and isn't in foods we buy.  I, personally, do not think you have any big worries about eating cake mix.

Expiration dates are a non-issue in my life.  There are very few things in our food chain here in the US that could hurt you if they have passed the expiration date.  The only thing that date means is that the producer will no longer stand by the QUALITY of the product ... there may be a deterioration in flavor or texture of something, but at no time does that date imply one will be poisoned because the date has gone by.

Even most medications (based on discussions with doctors and pharmacists and in my opinion) are safe to use after their expiration dates ... a small number DO deteriorate into toxic states, so one must have a particular knowledge before taking chances in that department, but other things are perfectly safe to use, although they might have lost SOME of their potency.  My practice is never to increase the dose on the assumption that potency has been lost, though. I am not advising you to use expired medications and use this only as an example of what I see as an over-the-top response people have to 'expiration dates' on ANYTHING.

So, where do I see a PROBLEM with eating cake mixes?  If you are eating them and not eating anything else (fruits, vegetables, protein, etc.), THEN it becomes a problem.  Your diet needs to consist of a balance of nutrients.  Eating a cake mix, in my humble opinion, is probably better for you in regards to calorie intake than eating cake with frosting!  Are you obese?  Do you have diabetes or some other health issue that would require a reduction in that type of food?  If yes, then you must stop.  You are in control of what you eat and must weigh the risks and benefits of anything you put into your body.  Should you eat a whole cake mix in one sitting?  Probably not simply because of the caloric count. But, will it hurt to have it as a part of your balanced diet?  In my opinion, no.

I hope that helps you make decisions about this.  My answer is my opinion only.  You are doing research in order to made your own decisions and are leaving no stones unturned.  That is good.  At some point, you will feel confident about what you want to do in the future.  Good luck!



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