I can't believe I'm asking a question about such a simple thing as a milkshake!  I tried making one and it turned out just awful--a lumpy, runny mess.  Started with about 1/2 cup of whole milk and a little over a cup of chocolate ice cream.  Put all in blender together and turned on puree for about 30 seconds. I noticed the ice cream wasn't getting much action from the blades, so I turned the blender off, and with a spatula, repositioned the ice cream so it would be closer to the blades.  Turned blender to a slower speed; same thing.  Higher speed, same thing. I finally thought I should stop with the blender or end up with melted ice cream.  Tasted great, but the consistency was all wrong.  What in the world did I do wrong?

What you are describing is what most people have in blending a lot of different things. In making milk shakes most people add too much liquid making them thinner; I like mine smooth and thick. Here is how I do it. First I put the ice cream in the blender and gradually add a little milk at a time while blending. I only add enough milk to make it thick. You might want to start off with more ice cream adding just enough milk to get it to your desired thickness.

Enjoy your shake :-)


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