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I would like to know what I am doing wrong when I make a jewish apple cake.When I removed it from the oven after the time given from the book the cake droped liked caved in.
         Thank you in advance
         Glenn Henson from nj

Hi, Glenn,

It might help if I can have a look at the recipe you used, but I will tell you that my guess is going to be that it wasn't completely baked.  

Did you test the cake for done-ness?  What method did you use?  A cake tester or toothpick in the middle is the most reliable, but you can see if the cake is pulling away from the edges of the pan as another method and I have actually learned to LISTEN to my cake to tell when it is done.  But that is best done with someone there to help you hear it the first time or two - then you will be able to recognize the sound.

The size of the pan may not have been the size called for, your oven may not be heating evenly or enough (best tested with a separate thermometer placed inside the heated oven), and if it was a delicate cake, someone may have done something to bump or disturb the oven while it was cooking, causing it to fall (although you usually can see that BEFORE you remove it from the oven).

If one of these doesn't sound like what happened to you, please send me the recipe and I will see what vibes I get from looking at that.



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