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Wish to try new casserole recipe.  Calls for 12x8 pan.  **NOWHERE** on the internet can i find a substitute for this size!

I have 8x8 square
10x10 square
14x9 oval

Which one can I use?

Thank you.....annie in Montana

Hi, Annie,

Do you know how many cups of casserole will be made?  That will make things easier to determine.  Put water in a measuring cup and pour it into the various pans you have until you determine how many cups each one holds (I suggest making a graph and taping it on a cupboard door for future reference).  Then when you make the casserole, you can measure all the ingredients and choose the proper pan.

96 Square inches is the rough size of the pan they want.  I'm hoping they also include the depth of the pan you need.  If you multiply that by the depth (measured from the inside of the pan), you will have the volume in inches ... if you can find a pan that equals that volume, you will be all set.

The 10x10 is adequate if it is deep enough.  

I hope one of these solutions works for you.



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