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Banana Cake
Banana Cake  
Hi Frances,

When I bake banana bread or banana cake, I noticed that sometimes the banana "pools" to the bottom after it is baked, resulting in a "pudding-like" texture in some areas, and an uneven looking crumb. To get an idea of what I am talking about, please see the attached image as an example.

Why does this happen and is there any way to prevent this? I have mashed the bananas and I have even mushed them in the magic bullet, but neither method seems to prevent this.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thank you.

I just spent 2 days baking different banana breads; all came out perfect. It has to be in the way you are mixing it I would think. Here is how I do it: cream the butter and sugar, add eggs and beat after each, then I add the mashed bananas and vanilla and beat it well. Then I would precede to blend in the dry ingredients; as with the banana bread, I do it by hand with a spoon.

Is this how you are blending yours?



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