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I bought some peach cobbler from Sweetie Pies on March 10th, and its been in the fridge every since. Is it still good to eat?

Dear Judy,

You are asking someone who pushes the envelope on these things.  My philosophy is that if it doesn't smell bad and doesn't have mold on it, it's probably just fine.  There are no ingredients that will poison you if it has gone a little bad, IMHO, and if your fridge is properly set, I would go for it.

That being said, I am not a doctor and I cannot, in good conscience, say it IS OK.  You are ultimately the one who has to decide.  But those are the tools I use.  I believe we are all far too quick to throw things away these days.  If in doubt, DO NOT give it to anyone who is too young or too old, who might not have the strength to tackle something you are not sure about.  But for someone who is healthy and has no compromising ailments, I wouldn't let it go to waste ... just to 'waist'!  Things like that are full of preservatives, anyway.  



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