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Nice to meet you Deborah. You're in luck. I have no idea what the fondant and marzipan are so I won't ask you about them. What I do need to know is if you have ever heard of an ice cream maker that does all the work including the freezing so I don't have to put it in my freezer. Its pretty small and I don't think I have room.

Hi, Joyce.  Thank you for not asking about fondant and marzipan.  :D

Well, I had one that had a bottom part that you kept in the freezer and then you just poured the liquid over it (inside a plastic container), put in the beaters and in 20 minutes or so, it would be done.  I LOVED it.  Not sure what make it was, though.

Of course, you can also go the salt and ice route - THAT doesn't go in the freezer and it makes REALLY GOOD ice cream.  But if your freezer is small, you don't want to get a gallon or more of ice cream that that would make.

Let me see what I can find about ice cream makers like what I had.  I'll get back to you when I know more.



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I cook for fun and relaxation - not into professional cooking. But I have a great supply of recipes - desserts as well as other goodies. If I don`t know of the recipe for which you are searching I enjoy trying to find new things. Please DO NOT ask me anything about FONDANT or MARZIPAN ... I don't have a clue - have never used them.


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