Dear Deborah Robinson,

Hello, my name is Olivia Arom.
I am a 5th grade student in Mrs. Gamble's Gifted Reading Class.
We are currently conducting research for our Genius Hour project.

My research question is:
How might the world be different if the was no baking?

I am hoping to gain more knowledge or additional  expert contact information regarding my research question.

Thank you for helping me be successful.


Olivia Arom
5th Grade Student
Creek Valley Elementary
Edina, Minnesota 55439

Hi, Olivia,

I'm so glad that you told me this was a research project right up front.  

Boy, you have a very interesting question.  If there were no baking, you can bet we might  consume fewer simple carbohydrates.  Of course, it would also restrict the ability to cook meat and vegetables with dry heat.  

I suspect we would move toward frying more things - not the healthiest form of cooking.  Does baking go hand-in-hand with broiling?  If not, that would give us other options for cooking with open heat.

Many people in the world are unable to bake things.  They cook outside over an open fire.  If they have to cook large quantities of meat, they will make a pit of coals and put the meat on racks beside the coals, turning the rack from time to time.  So, overall, we certainly wouldn't starve.  We'd probably eat more fruits and vegetables and lots of stews.  

Bread as we know it probably wouldn't exist.  While it could certainly be cooked over a fire on a long stick, it would be dryer and more crusty.

Cooking would become much more labor-intensive, meaning we would no longer be able to put something in the oven, set the timer and then come back to take it out when it's done.  Instead, one would have to be tending the fire, turning and testing the food being cooked.

I hope this is helpful.  Don't hesitate to get back to me if you find my answer brings up more questions or some clarification is needed.  

Miss Debba


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