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I looked for a recipe for strawberry ice cream and realized halfway through the video the guy used a ice cream churner which seems to be a pricey item I would rarely use. Is there a way to make ice cream without one?

There sure is, James.  It takes a bit more diligence, but it can be done.  What you want to do is set it to freeze in a stainless steel or glass mixing bowl.  The first round might take about an hour, to get some freezing around the edges.  Then you take your mixer and give it a good whirl, incorporating the frozen with the unfrozen and breaking up the ice crystals if you can.

Put it back in and base your next time of the consistency of the first round.  If it got too hard, too fast, then cut back the time considerably and do it all again.  Each round should be able to cut back the time a bit until you have an almost soft-serve consistency.  Give it a good whip again and you should be able to let it finish out from there.  

If you find this a bit too involved, then take a stainless soup kettle and put it inside of a larger kettle or bowl.  Put the base in the small one and put ice and salt around the outside.  It helps to have a bowl or kettle large enough to allow for a good deal of ice.  If you can get small cubes (a la McDonalds) or crushed ice, that would be best.  McDonalds often will fill buckets of ice for free.

Use the 4/1 method for ice and salt until you have the bowl/kettle filled as high as the mix at least (higher is a bit better).  Pour in a cup of cold water to get the process really going and stir frequently.  You can probably let it set for 15 minutes in the beginning and then carefully scrape the frozen off the sides and mix it in with a hand or electric mixer to smooth it out.  Let it sit again.  This will probably be in 15 minute intervals for some time but I think you might get a smoother texture doing it this way.  Both ways are good though.  Once you get it to soft-serve (a little harder is better), pop it into a container you can close tightly and then let it finish off.  


I hope you can get this done.  I know you won't be sorry!



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