QUESTION: Well my question is I follow every step of baking but my cake never increase in size n remain raw in middle hard at sides n burnt at base. Moreover i tried different reipes from different websites but there was no positive result. Please let me know hoe to fix it.

ANSWER: Dear Aisha,

I'm going to need more details:

1.  What color pan are you using and is it glass or metal?

2.  How deep is the pan?  No need to convert ... I'm well versed in metric.

3.  How big is the pan around?

4.  What are the cake's ingredients?

5.  What temperature are you using when baking?

6.  What ingredient are you using in order for your cake to rise?

7.  Is your cake recipe producing a runny batter or a very stiff batter?

8.  How old are your boxes of baking soda / baking powder?

9.  What is your altitude where you live?

10.  Anything else that you can think of will be helpful .... convection oven or regular oven? ... kind of flour (bread flour, whole wheat, etc.).

Now, I'm going away for the weekend and won't have access to internet after about 1 hour, so if you can gather your information and send it to me on Monday, I should be able to answer the question as soon as I get back.  I'm putting myself on vacation as soon as I send this so you will not be able to reach me the normal way.  I hope you are not in a huge hurry.

I hope your weather is cooler and dryer than ours!  The humidity is so high that I feel like I'm breathing under water!  This is not common for New Hampshire.  We might get 3-5 HOT days all summer and only a few here and there are humid.  Usually it cools off at night so it's not a problem.  But this year has been a killer!  (not that this has anything to do with your question - I just feel I have to share sometimes.)


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1. I am using a metal dark grey pan, may be aluminium
2.Pain is 2.5 inch at height
3. And 15 inch round ingredients include: All purpose flour from wheat 1 cup, 4 eggs,baking soda,baking powder,crushed sugar
5. I use abt 150-100 degrees at gas oven
6. And i find soda and powder enough to rise cake
7. Misture is runny like liquids
8. Boxes are not more than a month old
9.I live in Pakistan dun' know about altitude

Dear Aisha,

My guess is going to be that your oven isn't hot enough.  You should have it at about 175C - 200C.  Do you have an oven thermometer so you can check to see how accurate your oven thermostat is?  Make sure you put your cake in the middle of the oven and don't open the door of the oven until the time is about up or until the cake appears to be separating from the edges of the pan.

Does the recipe call for both Baking Soda AND Baking Powder?  While I've seen that in some recipes, I don't find that a common combination in most cakes.

You may be filling your pan too full.  You should not have more than 1/2 to 3/4 of the pan filled with batter.  If your cakes are raw in the middle and burned on the bottom, that tells me that you may have put way too much batter in, especially if it's not rising at all.

What is your cake recipe?  What flavor is it?  If you are putting bananas in it, I've had cakes not rise very well.  Other fruits can affect the batter as well.  

Please send me the entire recipe - the exact ingredients (leave nothing out and be sure to give me the measure in whatever you use - ml, mg, g or standard US measures - I can convert quite easily.  I need to think it through and see if I can send you modifications that might help.  If it doesn't have any standard measurements (meaning that you are given suggested measurements that each person would do differently), I may be able to find something that gives much more specific directions that will give you what you want..

We'll keep working on this, Aisha.  



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