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QUESTION: hello,

    My cream pies are wonderful but never firm enough to slice.  I use corn starch and egg yolks for binding.

    Any thoughts?

Thank you,  Mark

ANSWER: Dear Mark,

Does your recipe call for cooking it?  It is necessary to cook it until it boils and I generally cook it until the bubbles break and hold open a few seconds.  If you just heat until it boils and take it off the heat immediately, it won't thicken much more.  You want it to feel a bit stiff to stir before you remove it from the heat.

If you want to send me the ingredients and cooking directions, I can take a peek and see if I notice anything, if the length of cooking isn't the issue.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


    I'll try that.  I take it off the heat just when it thickens but no where near bubbling.  Also, I chill it in the fridge covered and there is a fair amount of condensation. Is that a problem?

Thanks again,  Mark

Dear Mark,

What does the recipe say to do - does it say to cool in the pan and then pour into the shell - or does it say to pour it directly into the shell and then cool?  Either way, I would let it sit out until it is cool and THEN cover it and refrigerate.  If you must chill it immediately, I wouldn't cover it until it is all cooled off.

Sounds like we have the problem figured out, though.  Does the recipe tell you how long to boil or does it say just cook until thickened?  Those directions can be very important because thickened means as thick as you can get it once it begins thickening, so don't be in a hurry to remove it from the heat.

Keep me updated.



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