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D H wrote at 2008-05-13 08:12:53
Not on Dick van Dyke, but I DID see this on The Odd Couple (Tony Randall and Jack Klugman) in the 1970s...couldn't tell you the exact date or episode.

Aging-sitcom wrote at 2011-04-10 05:58:27
That is an old Odd Couple Eposide where Felix is being a lawyer

Aging-sitcom wrote at 2011-04-10 05:58:53
That is an old Odd Couple Eposide where Felix is being a lawyer

RL27 wrote at 2014-02-05 17:27:14
I'm pretty sure that was an episode of the Odd Couple.  May be thinking of when Rob told Richie how he got the middle name Rosebud.  He used a blackboard to illustrate as did Tony Randall in the Odd Couple episode.

The Dick Van Dyke Show

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