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We can solve a D:E  in many methods. What is the need of solving a D:E, because we make D:E from an ordinary equation. Why can't we use the equation as it is,  we doing integration steps.
what is the benefits of D:E from ordinary equation?

Differential equations is fairly long, so they are commonly referred to as diffEQs.

DiffEQs arise in many types of work.  A good place to look is

From what you've said, you have just seen the beginning of differential equations.
Its just like when multiplication is taught.  I was introduced to it as being an extension of addition, as in 3*8 is 8+8+8, so it seemed silly at that time.  When I was introduced to powers, they said 8^2 = 8*8.  Hearing this, it seemed silly at the time to use powers.  When I was first introduced to algebra, they something like x = 8, so 2x = 16, so couldn't they have just said 2*8 and left out the x?  As can be seen, each type of math is introduced as the one before it and it seems useless at the time, but after studying it for awhile, it becomes invaluable.

In this paper, it starts out by presenting separable differential equations, and to this the question comes up as to why use them at all?

They then go into how to solve simple first order differential equations, and that stretches the thoughts about them a little.

Once this has been done, 2nd order differential equations are introduced and are explained using gravity.  This is a rather simple example, and when doing aircraft or spaceships, a much more involved set of equations comes up when things like wind resistance, turbulance, air density at higher elevations, and other factors are introduced.

I received on question that came down to solving a 5th order non-linear differential equation.
I'm not even sure how this could have been expressed in algebraic terms, but it would have involved at least six equations with six unknowns.

Places people who know them could be employed as researchers in physics, engineers, banks, chiropractics, weather, metal analysts, and whatever other fields where in depth research is needed.

See, to use DiffEQs, usually a PhD is required in mathematics, and people at that level usually spend most of their time at work and very little time actually speaking of what they are doing.

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